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     As rug cleaning goes, East Dulwich Carpet Cleaning Service provided a perfect, faultless service. They got my rug looking fantastic again.
Phil R19/05/2020
     I have yet to find a cheaper cleaning service. The cleaners at East Dulwich Carpet Cleaning Service are professional and talented at what they do. I have no reason to look elsewhere.
Tiffany K.20/09/2019
     Hired EastDulwichCarpetCleaners for steam carpet cleaning the other day. They brought their specialist equipment along and sanitised all my carpets and rugs in just a couple of hours. The service was quite cost-effective too, given the large volume of work that had to be done. Thank you!
Helen Carter28/10/2016
     I love laminate flooring but when mine started to look dirty and scratched I had no idea that there were people who could restore its look. EastDulwichCarpetCleaners was the company I chose to take on the task. After promptly receiving a quote which I accepted instantly, they came to my home and got on with it. I was left with a beautiful looking floor again and at a fraction of the cost that I had expected. A good all round experience.
Kevin S.24/11/2014
     Student houses are always notoriously difficult to get back to the high standard they were in when the students first moved in at the end of the summer holidays. It's true, that many students do try their best to help with the cleaning process, but just in case they miss little bits and pieces, I have EastDulwichCarpetCleaners on speed dial to help me out. As a landlord, it's so important that I get the house back to the original state it was in before these messy students moved in, and this company knows how to remove dirt and grime more successfully than any other cleaning company I know. I honestly can't recommend them enough!
Graham F.04/09/2014
     I spend a lot of time traveling, so when I'm at home with my mother, I don't want to spend all of my time cleaning. So a professional cleaner was the only way to go, to be honest. I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on one though, so I shopped around and found EastDulwichCarpetCleaners. They did a great job overall; they dispatched a friendly cleaner who took care of the hard to reach places, and left the house looking spotless! I really appreciate their help, because now I can spend more time telling stories about my travels rather than scrubbing the floors. Thanks!
Hilda Byrd21/08/2014
     I am not the kind of person who praises easily, but I must say, EastDulwichCarpetCleaners are very, very good. I have little time for cleaning with my schedule, and find that they compliment my lifestyle incredibly well, as they are discreet, flexible and very easy to work with. I have no idea how they compare to other companies, but I would recommend them to anyone else who needs a reliable cleaning service for a good price, who won't leave things in places that you can't find them!
Craig Hall31/07/2014